Hobby Horsing on a Rainy Day!

Our first Hobby Horse Event in an Outdoor Arena! Rudyard Equestrian near Leek asked us to host an event at their beautiful stable yard.  We have never considered an outdoor arena before for fear of rain. The horse shoe design stable block with integral court yard and picnic area serviced by their ‘club house’ selling […]


crafty Ponies

Crafty Ponies Crafty Ponies make lifelike (but cuter) toy ponies that can be accessorised with rug sets, head collars, tack, riders, grooming kits, farrier kits, worming kits!! They are cute and cuddly and every time they bring out another colour I curse them and then buy another one!! 😉 When they brought out the foals […]

Photography by Gerry Slade

Photography by Gerry Slade

Photography by Gerry Slade http://www.gerryslade.co.uk/   At first, I shied away from Gerry as he is obviously far too good for the likes of us!     Gerry Slade is X Police, has worked with the ambulance service, Pony Club, families, owners of pets reaching the end of their life, royalty… You name it, he […]

Todmorden Country Fair 22/06/2024

Hobby Horeses Pay and play on the day

Todmorden Country Fair 22nd June 2024 https://todmordencountryfair.com/ 22nd June 2024. My background is growing up with 3 brothers, a boatload of foster kids and lodgers. My mum and dad were frugal but had a beat-up old VW camper van and took us out camping and for kids’ parties, piling us all in. Sometimes we had […]

Defender Bramham International Horse Trials 06-09/06/2024

Hobby Horeses Pay and play on the day

Defender Bramham International Horse Trials   6th – 9th June 2024 When starting this journey I suppose we expected a monthly show in our local pony show venue.  What we discovered is that people are contacting us from all over the UK about whether or not we will run events in their area as the […]